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Grace Medina is an international Polish–American photographer who specializes in environmental portraiture photography with an emphasis on families and babies. She finds inspiration in frank portrayals of everyday life using natural light and shadows to texture her work with depth and emotion. She has traveled extensively across the United States, Mexico, and Europe to document its people and culture through her work.

She has been featured in various publications and websites including Click Magazine, National Geographic’s Daily Dozen, Dear Photographer, Fearless and Framed Blog, Beauty Revived, Culture Magazine, and Living Magazine. In 2017, Grace was certified as a Click Pro photographer, recognizing her excellence  in the use of light, composition, photo processing, and creativity. In 2018, in collaboration with the Non Governmental Organization Terres de Hommes, she documented the lives of migrant families reintegrating back into Albania in her seminal exhibit titled “Erasing the Spaces Between Us”.

Grace is also the founder of an Instagram hub that supports and promotes photographers that share her passion and vision for photography. You can follow their stories at @childrenseemagic. You can also follow her private gallery at @gracemedinaphoto.

Now serving Barcelona, Spain

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