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Albanian Folklore

This project was a collaboration with an Albanian collector of traditional costumes. The vision for Albanian Folklore was inspired by the works of the famous Albanian painter Kole Idromeno, as well as the old renaissance masters such as Johanness Vermeer and Rembrandt. The models are all from Albania and most are college students. By photographing traditional dresses with young Albanian women the project aims to recast old traditions in today’s modern world.

Erasing the Spaces Between Us

This exhibit explored the idea that a child’s environment leaves an indelible mark in their development. It showcased the lives of several children across Albania in order to raise awareness for the sustainable and successful intervention done by non governmental organizations to improve their lives and that of their families. In collaboration with Terres de Hommes and the Shkej foundation, the exhibit was shown in 2018 at COD Gallery in Tirana, Albania. 

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Conciencia Ecologica

Conciencia Ecologica was a project to promote the beautiful work of Mexican fashion designer Daniela Bustos Maya and Polish stylist Kate Miasik. Shot deep in the Yucatan jungle in an artistic retreat for artists and sculptors called Plantel Matilde, Conciencia Ecologica incorporated environmentally conscious fashion designs using locally sourced materials.

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Emma Pham's Kitchen

This is an ongoing collaboration with the wonderfully talented Emma Pham of Emma Pham's Kitchen. With a focus on natural and healthy living, Chef Emma brings her fun personality to the kitchen,  serving up new dishes to her legions of followers.      

  • Home Made Cross Buns
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